Alison McNulty am a multidisciplinary artist whose work excavates and examines ubiquitous traces of our living. She often works in relation to neglected sites and overlooked phenomena, using ordinary, reclaimed materials like brick, dust, hair, fur, wood, bits of eraser, plants, and rocks to explore the fragility, entanglement, and agency of things, systems of knowledge, environments, relationships, and bodies. The performative, ephemeral, and contingent nature of her work is meant to exhibit this fragility and interrelatedness, and to reflect on the ways we participate in larger material cycles and systems. 

McNulty’s projects emerge from an interdisciplinary research perspective and are informed by the natural sciences, archeology, poetics, contemporary theory and criticism, and philosophy.  Her work is animated by a deep sense of attentiveness, reverence, and empathy toward the complex ecological and social environments she works within; she cultivates a collaborative attitude toward human and non-human agents and natural processes her work intersects through place and site. 

Taking varied forms, McNulty’s work includes ephemeral and interactive sculpture, architectural interventions, installation, site-responsive indoor and outdoor projects, video, photography, writing, and works on paper using salvaged and organic materials, which she calls “Embodied Drawings”.  Deeply ingrained in a poetic understanding of space and materiality, McNulty’s practice attempts to create possibilities for exchange, relation, and meaning-making between matter, thought, memory, and the unfolding experience of embodied perception.