Teaching Philosophy

An underlying assumption of my teaching is that the world is dynamic, dense, poetic, and in constant need of fresh, critical approaches to navigating it.  My interest in teaching comes from a love of materials, ideas, processes, and discourses surrounding practices of art, as well as from a sense of social responsibility, and an understanding that art offers unique possibilities for articulating and addressing our concerns and questions about contemporary conditions.  To this end, my teaching functions to support a community rich with dialogue, experimentation, and inspiration that reaches across art media and into other disciplines.  I aim to create an exciting, informed, and ambitious workshop for devoted research, critical practices, informed spontaneity, inventive expression, and formal articulation.  I see the classroom and the studio as expanded sites of inquiry, where individual subjectivities, the history of art practices, teachable skill sets, materials, technology, and contemporary theory and culture intersect to produce new ways of knowing and being in the world through art.  

To read more about my teaching practice and philosophy, contact me at alisonmcnulty(at)gmail.com


Courses Taught

Space/Materiality, Sections Culture, Community, and Body (first year studio)

Beginning Sculpture

Intermediate Sculpture

Advanced Sculpture

Beginning Drawing

WARP-Workshop for Art Research and Practice (Interdisciplinary Foundations Program (Teaching Assistant)

Shaping Space and Form (3-D core class)

Materials and Methods (upper-level sculpture)

Visual and Material Metaphor (upper-level hybrid  2-D/3-D course) 

Concepts and Strategies: Picturing Science / Producing Art (upper-level interdisciplinary course)

Thingness: Interdisciplinary Graduate Seminar


For course descriptions and student work contact me at alisonmcnulty(at)gmail.com