Particular Motion of a Traced Fissure

Architectural intervention, with salvaged church pews, dust, composting soil, video and sound documentation, sandpaper

One wall in the exhibition, Particular Motions & Traced Fissures, was sanded to erode horizontal contours of architectural material, revealing layers of paint, several types of plaster, and concrete. The dust from sanding was left where it fell in the space for the duration of the exhibition, indexing the tracks of viewers. Used sandpaper, sound, and video documents also evinced the process. Three locally-salvaged church pews faced toward the intervention in the wall. The dust from sanding the wall was deepest near the hole where an already existing fissure in the plaster was traced through to the outside, at about eye level. Outside the hole one could see a 16” gap, the ‘no-man’s land’ between the exhibition space and the next building.  Years' worth of trash was cleared from this long gap between buildings, and was then filled with organic soil composted in the neighborhood, and was lit from above the building.