untitled (Hudson Valley Ghost Column 3), 2018

Historic Hudson Valley-made Jova Manufacturing Company and Hutton bricks and unprocessed Cormo sheep wool from a fiber farm in New Paltz, NY comprise this site-responsive construction. The piece was made for the exhibition Hole Histories, at Art Lot, Brooklyn NY, curated by Natalia Zubko and Aimée Berg.

approx. 76” high, 36” diameter

In contrast to its prior two iterations sited in the Hudson Valley, Column 3 at Art Lot in Brooklyn is larger in diameter and embedded below the surface of the ground.  With Column 3, I also allow visual access to the interior of the sculpture through a small window at ground level on the back side of the sculpture, revealing to the audience the body of muted interior space, the framed view of the sky above, and the weave of the architecture visible inside. 

For Art Lot, I am particularly interested in channeling through the sculpture the relationship of the Hudson Valley brick industry to the largest period of growth in New York City between the fires of 1835 /1845 and the decline of the region’s brick industry in the early 20th century.