untitled (Hudson Valley Ghost Column 2), 2018

approx. 74” high, 32” diameter

Constructed on-site from dry stacked historic Hudson Valley-made Lahey bricks salvaged from Newburgh, NY and unprocessed Cormo sheep wool from a fiber farm in New Paltz, NY, untitled (Hudson Valley Ghost Column 2) was created for Time Travelers: Hudson Valley Artists 2018, at the Samuel Dorsky Museum, SUNY New Paltz, NY. The structure was deconstructed again following the exhibition.

From curator Anastasia James and the Dorsky Museum:

 “Time Travelers, the 2018 edition of The Dorsky’s Hudson Valley Artists series, presents work that engages with the concept of time travel and embraces the slippery notions of time. The works in the exhibition recognize the universal human desire to experience a time other than our own and act as locations for explorations of, or challenges to, the standard chronological sequence.

Moving freely across artistic disciplines and mediums, including textiles, painting, installation, sculpture, performance, and photography, Time Travelers promises to transform the museum into a space-time continuum full of visual pleasures and conceptual delights.

The 11 participating artists, selected from over 290 submissions, are: Michael Bernstein, Lynn Dreese Breslin, Kyle Cottier, Daniella Dooling, Harry Leigh, Mollie McKinley, Alison McNulty, Tony Moore, Yvonne Muller, Antonella Piemontese, and Greg Slick.”

McNulty also exhibited a work on paper made with spider webs in Time Travelers, which can be viewed here.