Formless Archive

salvaged materials, including wood, ladders, peeled paint, hair, sawdust, bricks, dust, paper,  spider webs, altered texts by George Bataille, Pierre Tielhard de Chardin, and other materials.

Formless Archive is an interactive sculpture consisting of two salvaged ladders, a set of shelves made from salvaged termite-eaten wood found behind the exhibition space, and various deconstructed and re-assembled materials displayed on them.  On the shelves are fragments of local buildings, the hardware that once held a local house together, poems and other writings, theoretical texts, sawdust from the making of the shelves, manipulated images, layers of peeled house paint sewn together with hair, peeled  flooring, hair, spider webs, found writing, and small sculptures*.



*More information on some of this work can be found on the page, il/Literate Analogues.